Conducting of March 2017 UNMEB Prom. Exams

Conduction  of March 2017 UNMEB Promotional Exams  will start  13th March and end on 21st  March 2017

2 Responses to " Conducting of March 2017 UNMEB Prom. Exams "

  1. I appreciate the services rendered to us,should I assume that online registration is for only the students we started with on online (2015 November intake)the others shall be on registration forms. thank you.

    • admin says:

      Kindly note that the online registration does not replace forms. the registration forms are filled as evidence of student consent to sit the examination and evidence that he information submitted by school is as written by Student. The information uploaded on the system is drawn from the forms by the academic registrar. UNMEB will call for the forms at the time they are required. It is also true that there was much time and resources wasted in transporting forms and receipts and errors arising out of the exchange of information. It is assumed that since the students are closer to the schools than UNMEB, there is more opportunity presented by the online student registration for data validation before submission and therefore improvement in data quality.


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