Who we are


To be a benchmark Nurses and Midwives National Examination Board in East Africa.


To innovatively manage and administer quality examinations and awards for nurses and midwives in Uganda.


To enable UNMEB sustain its achievements as well as improve performance of its core mandate. The main focus is to ensure conduct of reliable examinations that effectively measure expected quality of nurses and midwives based on curriculum objectives.

Strategic Objectives

This section presents a narrative summary of the Six Strategic Objectives that were identified as being key in taking the Board where it wants to be in the coming five years. Each Strategic Objective has a number of activities that are deemed important in achieving the desired outputs.  The Strategic Objectives are as follows;

  1. Strengthening management of examinations and awards for nurses and midwives.
  2. Strengthening the quality assurance system for examinations.
  3. Strengthening capacity for research, monitoring and evaluation.
  4. Strengthening leadership, governance, and management capacity of UNMEB.
  5. Strengthening financial sustainability of UNMEB
  6. Strengthening national, regional and international collaboration

Core Values

The Board will continue to uphold the following values so as to enable it achieve its objective:

  1. Professionalism: To perform according to standards and professional conduct in executing responsibilities of the Board
  2. Commitment: To be responsible and loyal to the organization so as to ensure productivity
  3. Transparency: To promote precision and ensure integrity of the Board
  4. Efficient: To act competently in carrying out the Boards mandate
  5. Teamwork: To build strong partnership among staff so as to improve performance of the Board
  6. Client centered: To focus services to our clients so as to earn their trust 
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